Saturday, July 20, 2024

Annual Conference 2024 (Porto)

The MiCropBiomes COST Action will hold its 1st Annual Conference on “Plant Microbiomes” from 11 to 13 September 2024 at the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Porto (, Portugal, from 11 to 13 September 2024. The conference, which is expected to welcome 60 participants, will discuss strategies for obtaining the project’s databases and associated indicators/variables. Scientific presentations and poster sessions will serve to exchange knowledge and share technical expertise on plant microbiomes and their response to biotic and abiotic stress factors.

The conference will address topics of four Working Groups:

WG 1: Exploiting Plant-Microbiome molecular crosstalks: diversity, distribution and eco-evolutionary perspectives
WG 2: Crop-Microbiome assembly dynamics under specific environments
WG 3: Crop microbiomes and plant diseases: from dysbiosis to increased defenses
WG 4: From current microbial inoculants to synthetic communities

Online registration is no longer possible at the Registration page. The deadline for registration and abstract submission was 30 June 2024.

Further information can be found in the second circular dated 31 May 2024: Poster_First Annual Conference (Second Circular)